Tenaya Masai

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We love the Tenaya Masai, primarily because it's an exceptional compromise shoe that's capable of most things the typical climber will want it for, with a reasonable price tag compared to the durability of the shoe. 

Like all shoes, the most important thing is the fit - with the Masai, the construction and lacing enables a snug comfortable fit to be achieved with more foot shapes than most shoes. It sizes up best snug, but with enough flex in the toes to be able to move a little. This way the edging performance isn't compromised and you can still get good rubber contact when smearing. 

Where the shoe particularly excels is on slabs, verts and gentle overhangs. It has good edging performance from the midsole, & with Vibram XS grip rubber won't slip on a well applied smear.  There is enough expandability in the lace up upper to be able to tighten the shoes right up where edging performance is an issue.

The shoes are well made, and the model has stood up to the test of time. Personally, I'm onto my 3rd pair of Masais, with each lasting a couple of years extensively climbing indoors and outdoors, I've been incredibly satisfied with the shoes. 

If bouldering is your thing or you want to head onto steeper terrain, then a shoe with a little more downturn and stiffness will work better for you, but if you're either a relative beginner looking for a shoe that will not be a limiting factor, or a seasoned climber looking for a good compromise between comfort and performance this could well be your shoe. 

Remember to try these shoes on! Every year hundreds of pairs of climbing shoes wear out prematurely because of poor fitting. We accept tried on returns inside 30 days as long as they are in saleable condition, and would rather find the right shoe for you than see you wearing something not quite right for your climbing and goals.